Common C-Section Birth Injuries

Nearly every one in three infants in the United States delivered by cesarean section, or C-section. This rate varies by state, and New Mexico has one of the lower C-section rates in the country at 24.3% (as of 2015 statistics presented by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

There is no question that a C-section may be necessary when certain complications arise during labor or delivery, potentially saving both mother and baby, but there are situations when malpractice in performing a C-section can lead to serious birth injuries.

The following are potential injuries and complications that may arise during or after a C-section:

  • An infant may suffer from lacerations and similar injuries if a C-section is improperly performed. Depending on the severity and location of the laceration, an infant may suffer from Erb’s palsy, fractures, cervical cord injuries, or Klumpke’s palsy.
  • Infants born by C-section may be more likely to experience breathing problems and must therefore be closely monitored to avoid serious complications.
  • Anesthesia injuries may occur if anesthesia is administered improperly. An injection in the wrong location or poor monitoring of mother and baby during a C-section may lead to serious problems.
  • In some cases, an allergic reaction to anesthesia may occur.
  • Blood clots may occur after a C-section, if a mother is not properly monitored and allowed to walk within 24 hours of the procedure.
  • Maternal infections may occur if pre- and post-surgery treatment is improperly administered.

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