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Prematurity & Birth Injuries

A typical, full-term pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. An infant is considered premature or pre-term if born before 37 weeks. In the United States, one in every eight infants is born prematurely. Because the lungs and other organs may not be fully developed before 37 weeks, an infant born prematurely may be at risk of a number of health complications, including developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and respiratory problems.

If your son or daughter was born pre-term and suffered any type of birth injury, Tom Rhodes Law Firm can help. We seek justice for children across New Mexico who have suffered harm due to obstetrical malpractice of any kind. This includes infants who have been born prematurely and have suffered complications due to a physician’s failure to provide standard care.

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Preventing, Diagnosing & Treating Premature Labor

Doctors and pregnant mothers can both prevent premature delivery and can take steps to make sure a baby who is born pre-term has the greatest chance at survival. If you are pregnant, it is important to be aware of what’s happening with your body. Staying in close communication with your doctor and informing him or her of any issues is important, as is following his or her orders regarding general care, keeping appointments, and more.

Your doctor should provide standard care through the duration of your pregnancy and should recognize the signs of pre-term labor if they arise. There are ways to try to slow or stop pre-term labor to give the baby more time to fully develop.

Depending on the specific case, a doctor may:

  • Prescribe medication to stop contractions, prevent infection, and speed up the baby’s lung development.
  • Recommend bed rest, increased fluids, and abstaining from sexual activity.
  • Surgically close the cervix to prevent early delivery.

If a child is born pre-term, the attending doctor and nursing staff should do everything they can do ensure he or she receives proper care, even if that means transporting the child to another facility that is better equipped to handle such situations.

If you believe any delays in treatment, mismanagement of pre-term labor, or other type of malpractice may have been involved, a New Mexico pre-term birth injury attorney at Tom Rhodes Law Firm can look over medical records and can talk to you about the situation to determine whether you have a case.

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