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Infant Loss & Wrongful Death

New Mexico Birth Injury Attorneys Fighting for Justice

There is no loss as devastating as the loss of a child. The pain of this loss is only worsened by the knowledge that your child would still be here, had a doctor or other medical professional provided proper care. At Tom Rhodes Law Firm, we know you are going through the most difficult time of your life. We are here to support and help you however we can, including holding the at-fault party (or parties) responsible for their negligence or wrongdoing.

As New Mexico birth injury attorneys, we are passionate about exposing obstetrical malpractice and helping families seek justice against those who have caused them harm. We know there is no way to truly make up for what you have experienced, and for the many difficult years ahead, but you can experience some peace of mind in knowing that the person or entity responsible for your loss has been brought to justice. This is also a step in the right direction toward improving the quality of care for future generations.

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Obstetrical Malpractice & Infant Wrongful Death

A baby may be lost during or after birth due to unforeseen circumstances that could not have been prevented no matter the skill or attentiveness of a doctor and nursing staff. In some situations, however, infant loss can be directly linked to a medical professional’s failure to provide proper care based on today’s accepted standards.

The following are examples of scenarios where infant loss may be linked to malpractice:

  • Failure to properly monitor, detect, and treat fetal distress
  • Delayed emergency C-section
  • Failure to recommend a scheduled C-section
  • Medication errors involving mother or baby
  • Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractor
  • Failure of medical staff to alert physician of fetal distress or other issues

No doctor or hospital is likely to willingly admit fault, and they and their attorneys may fight back against an infant wrongful death claim with everything they’ve got. When you work with a New Mexico birth injury lawyer at Tom Rhodes Law Firm, you will have the full force of our experience and resources in your corner. We will not rest until we have achieved the best possible result in your case, seeking justice in your child’s name.

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