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Head Cooling/Hypothermia Therapy

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When a newborn experiences a lack of oxygen and blood during delivery, hypothermia therapy may be used to minimize brain injury and even prevent death. Performed by head cooling or whole body cooling, hypothermia therapy involves keeping the infant cool for a period of time. This can delay and prevent the ongoing death of brain cells, which may occur in the hours and days after an infant experiences birth asphyxia.

Given the benefits that head cooling or whole body cooling may provide to an infant who has experienced oxygen deprivation during birth, doctors and medical facilities in New Mexico should administer this treatment if they have the means to do so. If they do not, they should transport the infant to a facility that does. Tom Rhodes Law Firm represents families whose children did not receive hypothermia therapy and should have, or who improperly received head cooling or body cooling therapies.

Our New Mexico birth injury lawyers understand the complex issues at stake when it comes to brain damage during or after birth. We work with top experts in the U.S. in birth trauma and review medical records and treatment studies to determine what therapy should have been used, if it was properly used, and how substandard care may have been involved.

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Benefits of Head Cooling & Whole Body Cooling

Head cooling and whole body cooling involve specific processes used to keep an infant’s head or body at a temperature of 91-93 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 3 days, with therapy ideally beginning within 6 hours of birth. A head cooling cap may be placed on the infant’s head to achieve this temperature reduction of the head alone, or the infant’s whole body may be cooled using a device that circulates cold water under or through a blanket that the infant is placed on during therapy.

Hypothermia therapy can offer the following benefits:

  • It can delay the death of brain cells after birth, which can lead to developmental delays, neurological disorders, and even death.
  • It can reduce the adverse effects of excitotoxicity, in which other brain cells die when neurotransmitters are released into the area.
  • It can prevent apoptosis, or programmed cell death, wherein the body seems to purposefully initiate an organized sequence of cell death.

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