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Infant Cephalohematoma / Brain Bleed

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Cephalohematoma occurs in about 1-2 of every 100 births in the United States. This condition is characterized by bleeding between the skull and the inner layers of the skin. It is generally considered a minor form of birth trauma, but it can be a sign of improper use of birth-assisting tools and it may lead to additional complications if improperly treated.

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Risk Factors, Symptoms & Treatment: Cephalohematoma

Infant cephalohematoma is more likely to occur in certain cases than in others. The use of forceps during delivery has been linked to an increased incidence of cephalohematoma. Infants whose heads are larger than the mother’s pelvic area are more likely to experience cephalohematoma, and this condition is also more likely to occur in first pregnancies and in difficult and/or prolonged labor.

Symptoms of cephalohematoma may include:

  • Jaundice
  • Anemia
  • Infection
  • Unnatural bulges on the head

Most instances of cephalohematoma will heal on their own, but it is very important to closely monitor the infant for signs of jaundice. Phototherapy may be recommended, and in very rare cases a physician may attempt to drain blood from the affected area, but this comes with its own risk factors.

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